SMCS / Banners
June 2004
Stedelijk Museum CS

Note: this entry is part of a larger group of texts about the SMCS assignment. To read the full story about this project, start at SMCS / Introduction, and click through all the successive pages from there.
On another note – we wrote the texts below quite a while ago. We just reread them, and noticed some of them seem a bit outdated, and might need to be rewritten. Some of the used images need some reworking as well. We'll do this in the near future.

Next to all the other items we designed for SMCS, we also designed two banners for the exterior of the building; one for each side of the building. We divided the lay-out of each of these banners in two parts, like stretched-out domino stones. Banner 1 shows the name 'Stedelijk Museum CS' in the upper part, and a so-called 'ladder' (a list of all exhibitions) in the lower part. Banner 2 shows the full name 'Stedelijk Museum CS' in the upper part, and the SMCS acronym in the lower part. There's not much more to say about these.

Photos (c) 2004 Gert-Jan van Rooij.
experimental_jetset_smcs_banner experimental_jetset_smcs_banner02

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