February 2007
List of acquisitions
Museum of Modern Art, NYC

Our work has been on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City on a couple of different occasions. For example, a particular issue of Emigre magazine that we designed and guest-edited in 2000 (see Lost Formats) was included in an Emigre retrospective at the MoMA in 2006. And a t-shirt we designed in 2001 (see John & Paul & Ringo & George) was part of a Helvetica exhibition that took place at the MoMA in 2007. (Shown here two photographs of these exhibitions. On the left a photo of the Emigre show, on the right a photo of the Helvetica display. Photographs by Max Erdenberger and Henry Tapia, through Flickr).
moma moma2
In the beginning of 2007, the Museum of Modern Art went a step further, and actually acquired a large selection of our work. We were approached by Christian Larsen, Curatorial Assistant of the MoMA, asking us if we could send over a selection of our work. We compiled a boxful of work, expecting that the MoMA would only acquire a couple of pieces. Much to our surprise, the Architecture & Design Acquisitions Committee acquired the whole selection.

The full list of the acquired items can be downloaded below. Basically, this is the list that the MoMA sent to us, so that we could check the captions and titles. It is a PDF file consisting of 12 pages, illustrated with snapshots made by the MoMA.

moma checklist (pdf) 2.01 Mb

The full list can also be seen online, on the website of the MoMA. It are five successive pages, starting with this page.

Thanks to Christian Larsen for taking such good care of our work!

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