DTC / Season 2006–2007
August 2006
DTC / Season 2006–2007
De Theatercompagnie

Shown below a simple brochure we designed for De Theatercompagnie to announce their new theatre season (2006–2007). As with the brochure we designed the previous year (see DTC / Season 2005–2006), the design of this brochure revolved mainly around colour play.

While the previous brochure was printed in blue and purple, with a fluorescent yellow inside, and an enclosed fluorescent green postcard as insert, the 2006–2007 brochure was printed in black and fluorescent pink, with a yellow-blue gradient on the inside, and an enclosed fluorescent orange postcard as insert:
Shown below the front and back of the A5 booklet, in its folded form:
Unfolded, this booklet turns into an A2-sized sheet; shown below the front and back of this sheet.
As can be seen above, the inside is in fact a poster, printed in a gradient running from blue to yellow (a simulation of a so-called 'split fountain', or 'iris-druk', not to be confused with the American 'iris-print'). On top of this gradient, we printed some promotional photographs, in black.

Enclosed in this booklet was an A5-sized postcard, perforated in the middle to form two A6-sized cards. The front was kept white, while the back was printed in fluorescent orange:
On the occasion of this new theatre season, we also designed some A0-sized prints which were displayed on the front of the theatre hall (Het Compagnietheater) for a couple of months. We did the same thing the previous season (2005–2006). Unfortunately, we never made photographs of these prints.

Brochure/card printed by Drukkerij robstolk (r).

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