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April 2005

DTC / Website banners
De Theatercompagnie

Between the end of 2004 and the beginning of 2008, we have designed the posters and brochures for nine theatre productions by De Theatercompagnie: Gilgamesj, The Pillowman, Driekoningenavond, De Vrouw van Vroeger, Het Koude Kind, Peanuts, Ajax, Het Wijde Land and De Wilde Eend.

For all these plays, we didn't only design the posters and brochures, but also lots and lots of tiny last-moment advertisements (mostly for magazines, newspapers and websites). We didn't want to flood our website with all these small adverts, so we decided to show just a couple of them.
Below a small selection of moving website banners; banners that were used mostly on various theatre-themed websites (such as www.moose.nl). We made banners like this for every play; shown here are the ones we designed for Het Koude Kind, Het Wijde Land, De Vrouw van Vroeger, Peanuts and The Pillowman:


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