Vanessa Beecroft VBDP
May 2007
Drawings and Paintings
Disegini e Pitture, 1993-2007

During the months of May, June and July 2007, an exhibition took place at exhibition space GAMEC in Bergamo (Italy), revolving around paintings and drawings made by the Italian-born, US-based artist Vanessa Beecroft. Vanessa asked us to design the catalog for it.

One of the things we find interesting about the work of VB is the way she chronologically categorizes her work. All her work, from the largest performance to the smallest sketch, bears a code, always starting with the acronym VB, followed by a combination of numbers.
Thinking about this system of categorization, we decided to design a catalog referring to the concept of filing, of documentation. We handled the book quite simply as a archive of boxes; boxes that could be filled with images, but sometimes remained empty. In that sense, the catalog was a composition of boxes: positive and negative boxes, relating to each other according to specific proportions.

Shown below some images of the book: the front- and back-cover, and a selection of spreads.
We even divided the text pages in boxes, each column consisting of three parts, the size of type gradually enlarged in each part:
The size of the book was 27 x 27 cm; these proportions were a given, as the catalog had to fit within a series of books issued by this specific publisher, Electa. The book contains 124 pages, its ISBN number is 978-88-370-5357-4, and the cover was printed on matte cardboard.

Looking at it, it's a publication we are quite happy with. The only detail we aren't so glad with is the placement of the barcode, which was done by the Italian printer (see the back of the book). As it is now, the barcode is placed in the left bottom corner, creating an awkward box-inside-a-box. If the barcode was placed according to our instructions, it would have been printed in the right upper corner.

Based on the book, we also designed a simple advertisement for Art Forum (not shown here).

Other projects we did for Vanessa Beecroft include VB60, VB61, VB62 and VBSS. For more general information about our cooperation with Vanessa, see VBRS.

Book printed by Mondadori Press SPA, Verona.

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