V–A–C / GES–2
December 2021
V–A–C Foundation

From the beginning of 2017 to the end of 2021, we’ve been working on the graphic language of the V–A–C Foundation (and its main location, GES-2 in Moscow – a former power station rebuilt by RPBW). In short, we tried to explore the idea of a ‘diagrammatic language’ – an ever-changing typology of subjective diagrams, mapping all relationships and activities taking place within the universe of V–A–C.

This diagrammatic language was implemented in close collaboration with the V–A–C in-house graphic design team (headed by Lyosha Kritsouk) – and consisted of numerous templates, manuals, proposals, presentations, animations, catalogues, clocks, murals, a sign system, a website, and many other items. In collaboration with type designer Roman Gornitsky, a custom-made typeface (‘Diagramatika’) was developed as well.

The full scope of this project has yet to be fully archived and documented – we’ll start working on this soon.

Image: Rough sketch for a facade banner (one out of several proposals), 2019

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