High Nature
October 2004
Three natural conditions
A project by Johannes Schwartz
High Nature was the second part in a series of publications we designed for photographer Johannes Schwartz. The first part, High Noon, was published in 2003.

High Noon was published on the occasion of an installation that Johannes Schwartz realised in 2003, for the group exhibition 'Nu / 90 Jaar Pastoe'. When we designed High Noon, it was never our intention to start a whole series. But when Johannes approached us in 2004, to ask if we wanted to design a publication for an upcoming exhibition, we decided to stick with the 'High', and to continue the format. And so we designed High Nature.

High Nature is basically a booklet (24 x 33 cm), which, when folded out, falls apart in 3 different elements: I, II and III. Shown below the three elements:

I. First of all, there's a double-sided poster (48 x 66 cm), printed in two PMS colours: black and grey. The photographs on the front and back of this poster all revolve around the same theme (culture versus nature), forming one coherent story line. Shown below the poster, back (left) and front (right):
In its folded form, this poster turned into the booklet (24 x 33 cm) shown at the very top of this column.

II. Secondly, there's a 48 x 33 cm insert, folded in two, forming a 24 x 33 cm booklet. In this booklet we showed a series of full-colour photographs of trucks driving through a mountain landscape. When making these photographs, Johannes manipulated the exposure time in such a way that the trucks formed long colourful walls in the landscape. Shown below, in a row, the front, inside spread, and back of that booklet:
III. Thirdly, there's a cardboard insert, 24 x 33 cm. This insert shows a full-colour photograph of a jigsaw puzzle, completely messed up. On the back of this insert, there's some general information, printed in black. Shown below the back (left) and front (right) of the card:
All three elements (poster, booklet, card) were not only printed in different formats (48 x 66 cm, 48 x 33 cm, 24 x 33 cm), but on different sorts of paper as well.

High Nature was published on the occasion of 'Boys 97', an exhibition that took place in January 2004 at FOAM (Amsterdam Museum of Photography), in cooperation with architect Herman Verkerk.

For more information see: http://johannesschwartz.com

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