Chaumont T-shirt
June 2005

Chau & Mont & Werk & Plaats

As we explained elsewhere (see Chaumont Lecture), in 2005 we were involved in a series of events that took place in Chaumont (France), organised by Werkplaats Typografie, a Dutch post-graduate academy. During these events, Werkplaats Typografie planned to sell books and publications by the invited designers. We figured it might be nice to produce an item specifically for the occasion, and we immediately thought about a shirt, as shirts really function as souvenirs.
One part of the whole Chaumont project was a book curated by Werkplaats Typografie ('Dutch Resource', published by Valiz), and one chapter of that book was devoted to a selection of shirts based on the 'John & Paul & Ringo & George' shirt that we designed in 2001. In other words, a selection of parodies, tributes and rip-offs (see T-shirtism).
So we thought it might be interesting to produce, as a souvenir from Chaumont, a shirt that would be a rip-off of our own 'John & Paul & Ringo & George' shirt. As some sort of cannibalisation of our own design, but also as a way to reclaim our own shirt.

We forced the words 'Chaumont' and 'Werkplaats' into the band shirt format: Chau & Mont & Werk & Plaats. We printed a limited edition of these shirts (white on black, and black on white, on Hanes shirts). These shirts were sold during the lecture we gave at Chaumont.

Shirt screenprinted by Studio HS Amsterdam.

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