Cellscapes for Cellphones
July 2003


Four movies for Liquid Frontiers

In 2003, Austrian curating team Liquid Frontiers asked us to contribute to 'Virtual Frame / First Flush', an exhibition on mobile phone graphics that took place at the Kunsthalle Wien in the beginning of 2004. Other designers and artists that participated in this mobile phone project were, among others, Delaware, The Designers Republic, Reala and Craig Robinson (Flip Flop Flyin').
For this exhibition we designed a series of four short loops, entitled 'Cellscapes (for Cellphones)'. These movies could be downloaded as mobile phone screensavers.

Basically a series of four formal exercises, 'Cellscapes (for Cellphones)' is dealing mainly with the double meaning of the word 'cell', a word that can be used both in a biological and electronic sense.
The word 'cell', as used in the phrase 'cell phone', actually refers to the cellular system, the division of a city into smaller areas (cells) allowing extensive digital frequency use. By confusing this urban meaning of the word 'cellular' with the microscopic notion of cell biology, the principle behind the wordplay 'Cellscapes (for Cellphones)' is quite straight-forward: it's the idea of the smallest part being equal to the largest part. As below, so above.

Earlier that year, we were involved in another mobile phone project: see Modern Love is Automatic Telecommunication.

Shown here the four movies (CellCycle part 1 & 2, Mitosis and Molecules):

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